Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Dark Night' Poem

Poems for me are a personal and private thing, an intimate creation. I keep each one hidden away and share them rarely.  Perhaps, that is why it has taken me three years to finally share this one. So, I consider the following action a big step. Today, I am posting a poem written soon after my first published book debuted.

My first book is titled, A Vision Beyond Abuse. It is my true account of experiencing and enduring an abusive relationship with a spouse who professed his love. My memoir begins like a bad tapestry and slowly becomes beautiful and uplifting as it pivot's around my awakening to God's plan for me. 

This is my poem:        

 'Dark Night'

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Letter of Fellowship

I just received a heartfelt letter of gratitude from a woman I met on our recent Alaska tour. I was elated that she took the time to write to me and even more so upon realizing that God brought us together. His ways are profound and mysterious! In her letter, she commented that she strongly believes she was supposed to meet me (I think so too). While on the land tour, we met and then bonded because of mutual matter, spousal abuse. While touring we had several opportunities to spend time together, each confiding to the other, personal facts about our individual experience, usually sipping a cup of tea. After returning home, she researched my website and read various comments preceding her purchase. Once she received her copy of ‘A Vision Beyond Abuse,’ she immediately sat down and read straight through. Afterwards she wrote me, “I admire your strength and desire to inform others of a healing and forgiving God, authorizing our burdens to be carried.” She finished her note with the following statement, “thank you for reinforcing my strength and self-worth.”

I am ever grateful for her uplifting words of encouragement. Her letter reminded me what the essence of fellowship is all about and what we all  hope to embrace.

Paul speaks of fellowship when he wrote to the church in Rome. Romans 1:8 and 1:13 "I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you,..." and "...I planned many times to come to you (but have been prevented from doing so until now) in order that I might have a harvest among you."

Until later,

    Kathy Goodhew, author

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Strange Spooky True stories Wanted

Have you ever experienced something so strange and spooky that your eyes grew wide, goose bumps rose on your arms,  and your jaw dropped with wonder, excitement, and fright, all at the same time? These are the kind of stories told best around a campfire at night!

I'm talking about those unexplained noises of recognizable nature like a bicyclist pedaling, or footsteps thumping across a cement floor, a door opening and then shutting, or knocking. Yes, you know what I mean. And when turning towards the noise, you find that no one is there.  What about that human-like scream in the woods that do not sound like any known animal, or what about that strange light in the sky that didn't follow a normal pattern? I'm also referring to that elusive shadow movement seen from the corner of your eye, but when you turn in that direction, nothing is there. What about the visual image of something so bizarre that you are reluctant to tell anyone because you don't want to be labeled crazy?

Have you ever wondered whether there could be more to our reality than we currently understand? I have.... Call me crazy, because here is my confession. I have heard Bigfoot scream and witnessed a UFO sighting.While attempting to rationalize my experience of unexplained noises and shadows sightings, I've even half-heartedly considered the possibility of another dimension coinciding with our dimension, but out of sync with our river of time. 

I think we can all recall a moment or two when we realized that not everything can be rationally explained. That there are supernatural forces at play, creating the unexplainable all around us.  I have mused a lot about the strange things I've experienced over my lifetime and now I am asking for your help. Please, join me by sharing your strange unexplainable true story here.

Until later,

      Kathy Goodhew, author

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To Read or Not To Read

Reading is to discover the vast frontier within our mind…

To read or not to read, that is the question... No doubt in my mind, the reasons why ‘to read’ far out-weigh the ‘not to read’ reasons. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, there will never be a shortage of stories that can both stretch your thinking and your imagination along with helping to get through a stumbling block along the path of life. It has been said that those who read regularly have been known to have honed their mental ability more so than those who favor more inert activity, so anyone hoping to improve their mental skill might want to consider taking up the practice of consistent reading.

Reasons for us to read:

1)      It reduces stress.

Reading forces the reader to relinquish their problems for a time so the body can relax.

2)      It entertains.

Reading stimulates the brain with entertaining ideas that make the reader laugh, become excited, etc..

3)      It is a way for self-discovery.

Reading offers preferences for the reader to side with or against such as fairness versus unfairness.

4)      It aides in personal growth.

The reader is challenged to consider an alternative way of understanding.

5)      It makes a reader’s brain keener, sharper.

The reader’s brain is being trained with a process known as mental exercise.

6)      It invigorates the mind and improves focus.

When the reader exercises the brain it stimulates and improves concentration.

7)      It improves the imaginative talent within the brain.

When the brain is stimulated to think outside the box, imagination improves and grows.

8)      It aides in the development of creative thinking skills.

When imagination improves, inspired thinking ripens and matures.

9)      It improves verbal ability by providing increased vocabulary.

Being immersed with the regular learning of new words triggers growth of vocabulary.

In my opinion, every book read transmits to a person individually.  For example, let’s say a group reads the same book. Everyone receives the same information, but everyone will interpret it differently depending on who they are and how it relates to them. One reader might become sad, while another might laugh or become angry. And that's why reading is an intimate experience delving into the vast frontier of imagination within the reader's own mind.
Albert Einstein once wrote: "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." 
And: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

I love to read. It is a passion instilled by my parents at a very early age. The amazing part is that I am continually learning new ideas and improved perception as I travel along a virtual river to distant lands, partake in time travel, visit parallel universes, and even step into imaginary kingdoms without ever leaving my chair! My senses are stretched and tweaked while reading about the gentle scent of flowers arising from a fairy realm, the feel of fairy dust drifting downward like soft snow upon my face, the sight of an alien being descending from the sky, hearing a crow speak, or the taste of fear in a characters voice. I am a reader, a traveler, an adventurer, and an explorer of far-reaching frontiers.
Happy Reading,
      Kathy Goodhew, author

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finding Real Love

Long ago, I wanted the happily-ever-after kind of love known in Greek terms as Eros love, so I could fill the empty place within (The term Eros describes the passion—the butterflies and fire felt inside—when falling in love). You see, I longed to experience complete love in all its glory. So, in turn, I focused and even craved the idea of love constantly. This na├»ve illusion took me off course as I settled for the first person who was affectionate towards me and I eagerly accepted his attention. Oh no, the innocence of a wayward youth! With blinders on and an overconfident attitude, I strode ahead with the notion that my darling felt the same way! In time came the harsh truth that there was no ‘we’—no equal partnership— but instead, a dysfunctional union pivoting around power and control. Time passed and despair set in. Preceding our final separation I felt irrevocably broken and unloved.

The craving within me cried out with anguish; an aching desire to be loved and to love in return, not understanding that I was already loved by an awesome God, loved by my family, loved by my friends, and loved by my children. Even though I wouldn’t want to relive my broken past, I will never regret what I went through, because thankfully, I began my spiritual faith walk with the Lord in the midst of the happening and was given a most precious gift of two marvelous children, of whom I respect, admire and deeply love.  Time passed and once again I thought I had finally found real love. And once again, I found myself on the wrong course and the wrong kind of love! The old adage; ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ had to have been written for me! It appeared that real love was destined to be outside my grasp. It even occurred to me that the love I desired might not be in the cards for me or that it didn't exist.  There were moments when sadness would settle on my heart and yet every day I felt a constant pull in my soul to continue the quest for real love, the kind God intended.

This journey to find real love led me along various paths, eventually guiding me, with a whisper from above, to my purpose-filled path and the discovery of real love—Agape love. I guess one could call it my Shangri-La or my earthly paradise. I discovered many things about myself and about what love is and what it is not. The lessons learned have not been easy to digest, but the discovery was worthwhile. I learned how to love my own company rather than basing my happiness on my perception of what love should be or leaning on some other person for my own needs.
Here is what I discovered about Agape love: Agape love is the only form of love that is not held prisoner by its environment or by someone's perception. It is based on a deliberate decision of selfless caring about someone else’s well-being. Agape love not only exists, but overpowers a feuding environment. And even when the passion decreases (and it will), Agape love continues to live. Agape love generates and nourishes a place—much like a garden—where the other forms of love (Eros and Philia) can grow!...
My longing was favorable, because it led to real love, for real love is an understanding and a connection that is available to all if one knows where to look. All we have to do is look to God, for He knows us more than we know ourselves and still loves us unconditionally.  His love is the purest form of Agape love and I find it mind-boggling trying to fathom the immensity of His love for us. My longing and desire for real love has finally and forever been fulfilled.
"You guide me with your council, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73: 24-26